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My left breast is bigger than my right breast, is this normal?

Question posted by Lizzie from New York

My left breast is quite a bit bigger than the other. I haven’t had them measuered but it’s quite obvious, especially when I wear certain clothes. I’ve tried padding and special bras and stuff but I was wondering if there is much that can be done? I don’t want major surgery but am willing to hear options. Thanks x

Doctor's Response

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2 thoughts on “My left breast is bigger than my right breast, is this normal?

  • Thank you for your clinical post and it’s quite common to have a noticeable breast, ear, hand or foot asymmetry.  When one breast is significantly smaller than the other one has to decide if one likes the small breast or the larger breast.  The larger breast can be reduced through a breast reduction procedure or the smaller breast augmented.  If there’s some degree of droopiness on the larger breast, a lift and reduction can be performed or conversely both an augmentation and reduction can be performed simultaneously.  I find one way to best assess whether or not which procedure is optimal is to undergo the Vectra 3D imaging.  The Vectra 3D imaging allows you to visualize the changes in each breast following augmentation or reduction and assess the type of asymmetry might be achieved. I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.
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  • Transcribed from video attached:

    “First of all, I think everyone should know that almost every woman has some unevenness to their breast size; it’s very natural and not something to be worried about. Sometimes it can be more extreme and more obvious and sometimes less so. The key to success is knowing whether you want to make the big one smaller, the small one bigger, or a little bit of both. Usually this will involve an implant and sometimes implants of different sizes. This can even involve breast reduction techniques, like liposuction, if the larger breast needs to be a little bit smaller. It’s really an individual assessment based on the patient’s needs.”

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