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Is it possible to fix scars that make skin darker?

Question posted by BrendaA from Otterville

i have a scar on my upper lip that gives me 5 o’ clock shadow all day long. as a woman in my mid 30’s, you can see how this weighs heavy on my self esteem. thank you for the opportunity.

Doctor's Response

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2 thoughts on “Is it possible to fix scars that make skin darker?

  • Dear BrendaA,

    Thank you for the clinical post.  Scars across the lip can certainly cause aesthetically displeasing appearances and deformities.  The scars themselves can disrupt the delicate white roll, red lip junction and can be either darker or lighter in colour than the surrounding lip tissue.  The textural changes in the scar, unevenness in the scar can also be very noticeable as the lips are a very focal point during conversation.  Scar revisions can be either surgical to correct alignment or colour corrective using intense pulsed light or even textual using fractional lasers.  When finding the texture in anatomical alignment of a lip scar is completed pigmentation can sometimes be addressed, especially if the scar is lighter than the surrounding tissue with cosmetic micro-pigmentation.

    I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

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  • It depends on the scar, sometimes pigment can be lightened with lasers and or

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