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I have some crows feet, what is the best filler?

Question posted by Anonymous from Delta BC

How long does it take for me to see a difference and how long can I expect these results to last? Any negatives?


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3 thoughts on “I have some crows feet, what is the best filler?

  • Thank you for your clinical post.  Crow’s Feet are the horizontal lines at the sides of the eyes are caused by excessive animation of the underlying muscle called the orbicularis oculi.  Generally, the best treatment for excessive animated and resting Crow’s Feet is the use of Botox.  Botox is a protein injected into the muscle that causes the overlying wrinkle and use of Botox in the orbicularis oculi lateral fibres will soften dynamic and resting Crow’s Feet.  When resting Crow’s Feet are still apparent after Botox and the use of fractional laser resurfacing such as Fractional CO2 or fractional radio frequency resurfacing such as the Fractora are an excellent second option often using conjunction with Botox.  The use of soft tissue fillers for the treatment of Crow’s Feet is unusual, but can occur.  When fractional resurfacing and Botox is not enough sometimes a diffuse fine injectable in the subdermal plane with the use of dilute Volift or Sculptra can be helpful in treating Crow’s Feet.
    By following this algorithm and sequential treatment generally Crow’s Feet patients can be very happy.
    I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.
    For more information, please review the Botox page. Also visit the sections on the SpaMedica website for soft tissue fillers and fractional resurfacing.
    To undergo a consultation at SpaMedica simply fill out the online consult request form and a client service representative will be with you promptly. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
    Certified Plastic Surgeon
    Yorkville, Toronto

  • Fillers around the eyes can be tricky. Injecting the thin skin in the area of crow’s feet formation can lead to a bumpy look if filler injections are not performed skilfully. Botox is a better choice. It is safer and provides a wider area of improvement. Usually the eyes need to have Botox repeated every 4 months for continued benefit.

  • Crows feet are best managed with muscle relaxants like Botox, but if they extend down your cheek and are present at rest, a filler such as Radiesse or Voluma may help reduce their visibility.   Relaxants can last 3-6 months, the mentioned fillers upt to two years.   Laser skin smoothing is also great for treating resting frown lines, those lines which are scored in the skin’s surface.  See your plastic surgeon for a personalized evaluation and to learn more about option for treatment. 

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