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I am hearing a lot about Thermiva. Can you tell me more about it and what it does?

Question posted by Laura from Toronto

Is it surgery? Is there downtime? Do I need anaesthetic?

Doctor's Response

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One thought on “I am hearing a lot about Thermiva. Can you tell me more about it and what it does?

  • Good Morning Laura and thank you for your question, You’re right there is a lot of hype about what great things ThermiVa can do and guess what?  It’s true!Any woman who is looking to rejuvenate their vaginal area can benefit from ThermiVa. As with our faces, we lose collagen and elasticity all over our bodies — even (GASP) down there!Whether the cause is childbirth (children NEVER put things back where they found them, let’s face it!), hormonal changes (which unfortunately we are slaves to our whole lives) or even genetics, with the use of the latest technology in radio frequency, we are able to improve the skin tone of the vulva and the tightness of the internal vaginal vault. Now it’s not just about the tightness ladies, other great side effects can be better lubrication (less friction), improvement with stress incontinence (who wants to be afraid to sneeze all the time?!?) and an overall smoother appearance. Finally!Because the heat is controlled and raised slowly to deliver energy to those delicate tissues and stimulate collagen over time, ThermiVa literally has NO downtime, is very well tolerated (most women only experience warmth, NOT discomfort) and is very, very effective (the rave reviews say it all and our patients are loving their results too!) What better and easy way to spend 30 minutes for such great benefits??So let’s talk about it ladies, it’s just us girls! (Even during treatment!!!)Dr. K.

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