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How long after lower eyelid blepharoplasty does it take my eyes to heal?

Question posted by tsommer from Herrin, IL

I had lower eyelid blepharoplasty with fat injection 8 weeks ago. I Had a really bad hematoma under left eye. Later I had to have an in office procedure because my left eyelid was drooping. It is 8 weeks out now and I still have noticeable raised scar tissue under my left eye and lumps from the fat injection. I feel very unattractive and avoid the public when I can. I am depressed. Will this ever look normal again and approximately how long will it take? Please help….

Doctor's Response

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One thought on “How long after lower eyelid blepharoplasty does it take my eyes to heal?

  • Eyelid surgery is very common.  Surgical restoration of eyelid anatomy can be a very youthful procedure that gives the look of fresh rested appearance.  Lower eyelid skin is very very thin, in fact amongst the thinnest skin on the body.  Lower lids can lack vertical support as we age and after lower lid surgery can be prone to bowing or turning out, a process called ectropion.  Often lower lid support sutures and techniques such as a canthopexy are used to tighten the lower lid and maintain its horizontal position with respect to the eyeball and iris.
    Occasionally, the lower lid will get a blood collection following the surgery, a process called a hematoma and this can effect lower lid position and aggravate and delay healing and can create excessive pressure in the lower lid leading to retraction, eversion and ectropion. Generally, one needs to be patient when one has like a lower lid complication.  Lower lid massage and stretching the lower lid and elevating the corner of the lower lid will often correct mild degrees of scleral show.  The use of silicone gel strips to support the lower lid will help the scar tissue and will also reduce swelling.  Very very dilute intralesional steroid injections can help the scar tissue as well as use of a pulse dye laser.
    All these techniques and strategies help ameliorate or limit the risk of adverse scaring and can greatly hasten a patient’s return to normal activities.  With complicated lower lid healing original to normal appearance can take many weeks if not months.  In the normal circumstances 2-3 weeks is enough time to have the lower lid looking normal with makeup on.  This can be extended by many weeks if there’s complicated lower lid healing.
    In the end, generally good results can be achieved without any revision surgery.
    I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.
    For more information, please review the blepharoplasty page. To schedule a consultation simply fill out the online consultation request form and a customer service representative will serve you promptly. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
    Certified Plastic Surgeon
    Yorkville, Toronto

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