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How do botox injections affect the muscles it’s injected into over time?

Question posted by bethylauryn from toronto

Also, how can I know I am receiving the appropriate or inappropriate amount of botox serum to be safe and informed? Are there regulatory levels or rules about how often or how much? Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “How do botox injections affect the muscles it’s injected into over time?

  • Dear Bethylauryn,Thank you for your excellent clinical question and cosmetic list post.  Many patients are concerned with long-term Botox injections and the effects of those injections on the muscles that they are providing a temporary weakening of.  Prolonged use of Botox will certainly provide prolonged relaxation of the muscles affected, however, as the Botox blockade is at the muscle level and not at the spinal cord level there is no ongoing or permanent weakness or atrophy of the muscles.  Fortunately or unfortunately (as some patients would like a prolonged effect), when you stop using Botox even after many years the effect of the Botox relaxed muscle will return fairly quickly as will the lines and wrinkles associated with them.   Your question regarding Botox doses and regulatory standards is a good one and although there is no set recipe or formula there is certain unit doses used in anatomical locations such as the frown line, the forehead, the Crow’s Feet, around the mouth and the neck that positions and Botox injectors will use.  The ranges and those doses depend on the clinical effect.  Usually most physicians will start with standard unit doses in the areas that usually work on most patients to provide significant clinical reduction.  Some patients require more Botox and some less and over time, much like salt and pepper in a recipe you will titrate together with your Botox injector the best number of units to achieve the clinical effect that you desire.In general, you should seek a very reputable centre with many many years if not decades of Botox injection and safety and a good reputation.  It is advisable to discuss with your Botox injector the number of units that will be used rather than syringes and this will avoid the concern some patients have which is a real one that their Botox is being somewhat diluted.Botox can be an excellent aesthetic product relaxing unwanted lines and elevating facial features, reducing armpit sweating and softening the appearance of the neck and necklace lines, but like any cosmetic treatment a thorough consultation and research should be undertaken.I hope this information has been of some assistance.I’m sure you’ll get an excellent aesthetic result and find Botox very pleasing.  Best of luck.For more information, please review the Botox page.If you’d like to schedule a consultation at our SpaMedica offices please (416) 922-2868 and our customer service representatives will assist you or visit us on our website at Stephen Mulholland, M.D.Certified Plastic SurgeonYorkville, Toronto

  • The muscles atrophy or get weaker, but will fully recover if not re-injected. Botox has well over 20 years of safety data and the doses used in cosmetic treatments are very small compared to therapeutic use of botox (Botox used for medical reasons).

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