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Forehead wrinkles!

Question posted by Jane from Mississauga

How early is too early to start treatment for forehead wrinkles? I have a very expressive forehead and at the age of 30 I’m starting to see a few deep lines along the small lines and wrinkles? What types of treatment would soften my look and when is a good time to start treatment?

Doctor's Response

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3 thoughts on “Forehead wrinkles!

  • Thank you for your clinical question.  When is a good time to start treating wrinkles depends upon one’s approach to rejuvenation and on cosmetic treatments.  In general, the best time to start is when you start to notice resting lines and wrinkles after animation.  Resting lines and wrinkles usually result from the movement of underlying muscles.  Four headlines can be divided into those between the eyebrows also called the “Number 11s” and then horizontal lines on the forehead also known as worry lines.  The underlying muscle for worry lines is the frontalis and for the Number 11s or frown lines is the corrugator.

    The best early treatment for animation lines such as the use is the use of Botox.  Botox in an injectable protein that is used to relax muscles that lead to undesirable animation and it weakens or eliminates their activity for a period of 3-4 months.  In general, the use of Botox 2-3 times a year will soften or eliminate unwanted forehead lines including worry and frown lines.

    Ongoing maintenance is required.  Repeated use does not weaken the muscle or shrink it in any way, shape or form and ongoing Botox is required.  The use of topical rejuvenation fractional lasers can also improve lines when they are present at rest and when not animated.  Fractional lasers create small micro thermal injuries that then heal with new collagen and elastin.  Bulk heating radio frequency treatments such as Forma, Exilis, Venus Freeze and Pelleve can also create new collagen and elastin.  Fractional radio frequency devices such as the Fractora, Fractional CO2 and Ulthera, which is fractional ultrasound can stimulate collagen elastin under the wrinkles.  One can combine fractional treatments together with Botox to achieve a nice result.  Finally, deep frozen lines may require fillers.  Dilute fillers such as Sculptra and Volift can provide softening of forehead lines.

    Combination treatments starting initially with Botox and progressing to soft tissue fillers and fractional lasers can leave the brow looking rested and youthful.I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

    For more information, please review the Botox page. Also visit and look up soft tissue fillers and fractional lasers. To schedule a consultation simply fill out the online consult request form and a client service representative will serve you promptly. R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D. Certified Plastic Surgeon, Yorkville, Toronto

  • Botox is the treatment of choice. Reducing the strength of the muscles of expression will result in a softer, more relaxed appearance. Age is not really a factor, it’s more about the activity of expression that you have. Make sure the plan for injection is carefully discussed – too much weakening of the forehead can look odd and might result in a look of heaviness in the brow.

  • The best and only time to start treatment is when the forehead lines bother you!  It does not matter what age you are.  So you are probably ready to begin your Botox treatments.  See your plastic surgeon for the details and for an evaluation and recommendation for treatment options.  Judicious Botox use can prevent worsening or the development of resting frown lines!Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS

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