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Does BBL help with sagging?

Question posted by Nicole from Manitoba

Will a Brazilian butt lift help with a “sagging” butt? Or is this more of a procedure to increase the size of someone’s butt. If it does help with sagging, do you have to have it together with another procedure, like a skin tightening procedure or some kind of lift? Please help!

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One thought on “Does BBL help with sagging?

  • Nicole in Manitoba asked if the Brazilian buttock lift is capable of lifting the sagging buttock skin or is BBL a better option. Sciton’s Skin-Tyte technology relies on an infrared cutoff filter to deliver bulk heating to the skin. It is effective in thin skin areas like the neck face and to some extent the arms and belly. However, the buttock is is not amenable to this form of skin tightening. A surgical lift would be the most effective option but has the downside of leaving a scar along the top of the hips and can enhance the gluteal fold. There are techniques that utilize autogenous fat grafting if the degree of lift is mild to localized moderate.  The advantage is that there are tiny scars and in the majority of women the fat is taken from an area of unwanted fat excess. Although the skin is filled and appears lifted, sagging is still an issue if there is poor support of the tissues due to excessive aging or previous weight gain and loss. The down-time is less than with a surgical lift but in the order of a week to allow the grafts to become established. A compression girdle is worn as well to stabilize the grafts and help the donor sites heal.

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