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Can under eye bags be treated with a filler to fill in the trough; I saw an artivle in Elevate magazine once indicating that was an option. Or is there a non-surgical tightening option?

Question posted by Ela from Toronto, Ontario

I have hereditary bags under my eyes; the older I  get the more pronounced they appear, particularly on the right side (they are not symmetrical, but I sleep mostly on my left)I notice that if my eyes are swollen, the bags appear less, or even earlier in the morning, when my face is still a bit puffy, the eye bags themselves appear less pronounced, so this made me wonder if puffing them up with a filler was a less invasive option?I have tried a product once, that tightened the skin under the eye and flattened the bag out, but it left a white residue, and didn't last more than an hour anyway, but perhaps there is a tightening treatment with Laser or some other technology?

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