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Are There Mommy Makeovers That Don’t Involve Surgery? 

Are There Mommy Makeovers That Don’t Involve Surgery? 

Pregnancy is challenging for a woman’s body, and often creates unwanted changes that only surgery can reverse. These surgical procedures are referred to as a mommy makeover, and are designed to enhance a woman’s body back to pre-pregnancy days. However, not every woman wants to undergo surgery, so are there mommy makeovers that don’t involve surgery.

Mommy Makeovers – Surgical

A mommy makeover usually consists of a series of surgical procedures, which are meant to tone and tighten the most troublesome areas of the body. Typical procedures include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. A surgical mommy makeover is an extensive operation that requires several weeks of recovery.

A non-surgical mommy makeover on the other hand, consists of minimally invasive procedures that need very little downtime. These non-surgical solutions provide beautiful, measurable results with fewer side effects. A non-surgical mommy makeover is the ideal option for busy moms who would like to improve their appearance, but cannot afford to take time off for a long recovery.

A mommy makeover is not the same for every woman; it all depends on your aesthetic goals. The decision to go surgical vs. non-surgical is best made after careful consideration of your budget, aesthetic goals and downtime.

Mommy Makeover – Non-surgical options : Below are some popular mommy makeover procedures that don’t require surgery.

Non-surgical skin tightening: Pregnancy and breast feeding bring about many changes in a woman’s natural curves and contours. The skin stretches in various places, leaving behind loose skin, especially in the region of the abdomen and hips.

There are now a host of laser and light technologies available that are great options for helping the skin contract, so as to reshape the body.  Laser skin tightening will eliminate small areas of fat deposits, and correct minimal skin elasticity.

Accent XL is a radiofrequency technology that is suitable for use on the face and body. Accent can both tighten the skin and contour the body, and also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The device is very effective, because it uses 2 radio frequency modes – unipolar and bipolar. Four to six treatments are recommended over a period of 4-6 weeks, but this may vary depending on your specific concerns.

Injectables: If your face looks dull and tired, injectables such as botox and soft tissue fillers, can rejuvenate your face, and refresh your appearance.

  • Botox is an effective way to deal with dynamic wrinkles that form as a result of intermittent muscle movement.
  • Soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane also soften fine lines and wrinkles and plump the skin, adding volume to those parts of the face that have sunken.

Chemical Peels: Professional grade chemical peels are another way to promote skin renewal. They are generally used to restore the skin’s youthful glow, and they also brighten the complexion and improve skin tone.

Chemical peels involve the use of a chemical solution to exfoliate the outer skin layers that make the face look dull and dry. The solution causes the skin to blister, and the dead skin cells then peel away.

There are several types of chemical peels – superficial, medium, and deep. A superficial peel may be all that’s needed for skin renewal, but deep peels will create dramatic improvements in the appearance of the skin. The type of peel you decide on will depend on your individual skin concerns, as well as how much revival your face needs.

Mommy Makeover – Memphis, TN

Has pregnancy left you feeling insecure about your body? A mommy makeover may be just what you need to unlock your inner beauty and feel good about yourself. A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers an effective, non-invasive mommy makeover package that is designed for ultimate renewal and relaxation, while giving you the great results you desire.

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