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After Summer Skin Care – Advice From the Professionals

After Summer Skin Care – Advice From the Professionals

In the Summertime

Summertime brings with it joy, the promise of blue skies, sunny days and relief from Canada’s long, gruelling, cold winters. It’s not all pink sunsets and beach days. In fact, summer causes more damage to our skin than we’re aware of. Sure, the sun is a good source of vitamin D, but according to Tina Dawson, aesthetician and founder of Nuova Pelle Cosmetic Clinic, “15 minutes of vitamin D is all that we need.” Ultraviolet (UV) rays are strong and can create all sorts of problems for our skin, including hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone) and that awful aging process we all face (sad to say).  Moreover, the combination of UVA and UVB rays can lead to melanoma. Tina advises to always invest in high-quality sunscreen. Here are some other important ways to improve your summer skin care routine.

Fall is the opportune time to treat your skin, because the sun isn’t quite as strong as it is in the summer. This gives your complexion enough time to heal itself, as some of these corrective treatments can be quite aggressive depending on the damage already done to your skin.

Professional Recommendations

Tina recommends deep exfoliation treatments such as OxyGeneo laser peeling and micro-needling IPL. When treating scars she highly recommends a combination of lasers such as Fraxel and Erbium.  She also stresses the importance of remaining loyal to one certified skin specialist. That way, you can ensure your specialist has a better understanding of your skin to achieve the best results possible. Going to different summer skin care specialists may save money in the short-term but it can cause more havoc to your skin over the long-term.

These treatments range in price from $100 to $450 per treatment.  At Nuova Pelle Cosmetic Clinic and other spas there are often packages available for purchase.

As far as recovery goes, there is not much downtime needed for these skin saviours. According to Tina, one might experience some pink/red erythema, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a week to fade. Your specialist should also be providing you with some take-home products and instructions on how to care for and treat your skin at home.  Moreover, try to avoid overexerting yourself with body heat, avoid as much UV exposure as possible, do not tan (that should go without saying), avoid hot showers or baths and specifically stay away from salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinol for at least a few days depending on the treatment.  Also, avoid Retin-A for at least six months.

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