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Am I a Good Candidate For A Lower Body Lift?

Am I a Good Candidate For A Lower Body Lift?

Are you stuck with loose, hanging skin after weight loss? It’s not uncommon for people that have lost a lot of weight to struggle with loose, sagging skin. A lower body lift gets rid of excess skin, sagging tissue, and reduces fat in the lower body. Let’s delve deeper.

What is a Lower Body Lift?

A body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, may incorporate several body procedures that target the lower abdomen, buttocks, lower back, and thighs. It is a complex operation that targets excess and sagging skin on several parts of the lower body in a single surgical procedure.

The incision for the lower body lift is usually made across the lower abdomen, and circles the entire body. During a lower body lift, the surgeon will remove pockets of fat and trim away excess skin. After the skin and fat is removed, the entire lower body is pulled upwards, and the underlying tissue is tightened to restore a shapely figure.

Are You a Good Candidate For a Lower Body Lift?

Although a lower body lift is frequently performed on patients that have lost significant weight, almost anyone with loose, sagging skin in the lower body, may qualify for the procedure.

Candidates for a lower body lift should also be at a stable weight for at least 12 months, with no significant weight fluctuations, as this can compromise results.

In addition, candidates for a lower body lift should be committed to a healthy lifestyle, so they ought to be eating a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise. Patients that adhere to a healthy lifestyle will be able to enjoy their body transformation for many years to come.

Candidates for the procedure should also be in overall good health. For example not having any medical problems that could impact surgery or recovery.


A lower body lift is performed under general anesthesia. Itcan take anywhere from 3-4 hours to perform, depending on the number of procedures being done.

Downtime after a lower body lift can be lengthy, depending on the procedures involved. Some pain and discomfort is to be expected in the first 3-5 days. There is also some swelling that can take up to 6 weeks to resolve. Patients can generally resume normal activities after 2 weeks, but strenuous activity should be avoided for up to 6 weeks.


If you are considering lower body lift surgery, you should consult a board certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will review specific factors, then determine if a lower body lift would be right for you.

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